Mortgages for New to Canada

You're new to Canada and looking for a place of your own. What do you need to know?

Housing in Canada varies greatly between cities and communities, territories and provinces, so newcomers may experience that finding an affordable and safe place to live can be challenging.  And with nearly two-thirds of Canada's population being from international migration, we want to help new arrivals to make the best housing decisions for them and their family.  

Here's an overview on the house buying process and steps in Canada.

  1. Mortgage Pre-Approval
  2. House Shopping and Price Discovery 
  3. Offer to Purchase, Deposit and Home Inspection
  4. Mortgage Approval Process
  5. Closing, Get the Keys!

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Get the Right Team of Professionals to Help You

Making sure you have the right team of professionals is essential when buying a home when you are new to Canada and don't understand the laws or processes.

A mortgage broker is often a good first step if you need to arrange a mortgage and they can often direct you to other trustworthy professionals, such as a Reatlor, Home Inspector, Lawyer, & Appraiser.

For a mortgage pre-approval, start hereBasically, you're going to want to figure out if you can qualify and how much you can afford

A Realtor can can help you learn more about the housing market and latest price trends in the city you are looking in, how many rooms you need and where specifically you'd like to live.  You'll want to use several different search methods to find the home that's right for you.  Asking friends and relatives is a good place to start, as well as searching different websites, and classifieds.  You can also drive around and find neighborhoods where you might like to live and see if any houses are for sale. 

Once you have found a home that interests you make sure to check it our thoroughly. Don't buy a house with a lot of problems! A Home Inspector helps here.

An Appraiser determines whether the value of the house you are buying is a fair price and that you are not paying too much.  The bank wants to know this information too.

A Lawyer will help protect your interests and register the house ownership in your name once you found a place, and arranged a mortgage.


As licensed professional mortgage brokers, we know exactly what it takes to qualify you for a mortgage and we do more than just get you a great mortgage at a great rate, we will show you the way, too.

Can I get a mortgage? Find out now.

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