Community Key Charity - Helping Families Cope

Community Key is registered as a not-for-profit society set up in late 2015 by our mortgage brokerage that helps families caring for a seriously ill or critically injured child to make their monthly mortgage or rent payments at their time of greatest need.

"A family should never be forced to choose between going back to work
and caring for a sick or injured child."

Every time someone arranges a mortgage through our group, we contribute a set amount to the charity.

Every time you utilize the real estate services of one of our participating partners, including select Realtors, Lawyers, Appraisers, Inspectors, and Mortgage Lenders, they too will contribute a set amount to the charity.

Community Key Mortgage Payment Help

What We Do

Community Key helps families at the time of their greatest need in three ways:

  1. We will make direct payments to their mortgage lender or rent to their landlord.
  2. We will work directly with their lender to help delay, minimize, or otherwise reduce their financial burden.
  3. The grant does not need to be repaid.

How to Get Help

Our charity is new, and we hope to grow it Canada-wide. Our processes will evolve over time. Visit the official Community Key web page - click here to make contact and get started.

Applications are then reviewed by an independent team of volunteers comprised of professionals involved in social work, health care, insurance, and finance.  Priority recipients will then be contacted.

How to Participate / Give

Purchase a Pendant

Purchase a one-of-a-kind hand engraved Community Key pendant designed and created by North American jewelry designer Barb Johnston, All sales proceeds go directly to Community Key. Stay-tuned for more details or click-here if you just can't wait.

Make a Donation

If you are hosting an event, wish to make a donation in lieu of sending Christmas Cards, fund-raising, etc. this charity is the perfect opportunity to use the Community Key logo and story to help raise money for a very worthwhile cause.

Become a Community Key Partner

As a housing industry professional, pledge to donate a fixed amount to the Community Key program each time a transaction is closed.  This can be done at a personal level or for an entire office.  As we develop the program, expect that:

  • Community Key will send a thank you note to your customer acknowledging your direct support of the program.
  • You will be able to use the Community Key logo in your advertising and to promote your business.
  • Community Key Information Brochure to share with your customers.
  • Other suggestions welcomed.

Stay-tuned for a pledge form/more details or click-here if you just can't wait.  Our official charity Facebook page is here:


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