How to Access Your Credit Report

Mortgage Credit Report Free Access

As it relates to mortgages, credit can often take the longest time to fix if there are problems, so accessing your report to make sure all is in order is a definite first step if you are thinking about a mortgage any time soon. Here's how...

Below are the steps to obtain copies of your credit reports in order to see exactly what your public record is showing. You do this by contacting both the major credit bureaus and ordering a copy of your report.

Action Steps:

  • Access the websites and where you can order your reports online for about $20.
  • TIP - look for the option lower down on their web pages to order your free report by mail, which is a lot cheaper and takes about a week. If you also want your credit score, there may be a small fee (about $10). Note however that lenders base their credit decisions on your repayment history and credit utilization, not the actual score.
  • Credit Karma Canada also provides free access to your TransUnion report, however most mortgage lenders use Equifax.
  • I recommend you get a copy from each credit bureau.

Note: When **you** pull your own credit (called a "soft hit"), it does not count as an inquiry against your score, so getting a monthly or quarterly subscription if you think you might need to take some credit improvement steps might be of interest to you as well.

Understanding Your Credit Report and Credit Score. If you haven't reviewed this free guide yet, then please feel free to download it now. 

Credit problems?  Check out our page on Troubleshooting Credit.

Once you have your report, please feel free to share or reach out to our office with any questions. We are happy to provide a no-obligation credit report review, which is a critical first step in your mortgage or property quest.  For info on what it takes to get a mortgage, check out this page.

A long journey starts with the first step - Cheers!