Sustainable Living Consultant

A Sustainable Living Consultant is someone who advises and assists a client in achieving energy-efficient and sustainable living choices in their project, business or home.

How a Sustainable Living Consultant Can Help

A Sustainable Living Consultant or SLC is someone who advises a client on how to achieve energy-efficient and sustainable living choices in their project, business or home. While the requirements and capabilities vary, generally the consultant is someone who has done the required research and obtained the necessary credentials to achieve the desired outcomes for the client thereby saving the client considerable time and costly mistakes.

The consultant should also be able to frame the goal within an economic perspective as required and provide the foresight and best pathway to accomplish the client's goals within budget, including financing.

Generally, a SLC will have a strong network of recognized experts and suppliers from many fields to help advise and achieve the project goals. The main areas of expertise may include:

  • Plan and design sustainability projects and homes
  • Project management, from start to finish
  • Energy audits and conservation recommendations
  • Comfort and air quality
  • Fuel conservation
  • Water conservation
  • Power generation
  • Solar heating and power
  • Geo-thermal heating
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Water management
  • Water storage
  • Water treatment

From the perspective of this website, we provide mortgage / project financing for energy-efficient housing and property upgrades and retrofits including new home purchases in Canada. If you would like to get connected with a SLC consultant near you, please contact us and we will do our best to make a recommendation.

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