Download a copy of our Residential Land Development Cash Flow Planning Worksheet

When developing vacant land for your dream home it is imperative for the homeowner to understand that banks to NOT give you money in advance to complete your project, rather they only rebate you upon specific progress milestones met or they simply wait until your project is 100% complete.

This template will help you understand, ask the right questions, and organize your payment requirements by month of your project such that you understand cash flow and whether you have enough money or trade credit to execute your factory-built / RTM home and land development project. Use this worksheet to:

  1. record quotes for each trade or service required to improve the land
  2. determine the payment terms for each supplier, specifically when the bills are due
  3. to forecast your total bill payments per month of your project
  4. to help you understand if you have enough cash to fill in the gaps before the bank money comes in.
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